The short version

I'm an Android software engineer who loves working within small teams to solve tough business challenges. I enjoy programming, research, defining architecture, and learning new things. Always looking to learn more and expand my career.

The slightly longer version

I got into software development out of a need to market and operate a music entertainment, video and audio production business I started in 1994. Over time, I developed an entire ecosystem for my customers, vendors, and contractors. In later years of the business, I focussed on responsive design and mobile-friendly web interfaces as tablets started becoming popular. Eventually, this led me to create several hybrid Android apps for my customers using Cordova. I enjoyed working in the mobile space so much that in 2013 I decided to switch careers to become a software engineer. It seemed abrupt at the time, but looking back, it was a steady progression.

Going way back

At a very early age I was a musician and the piano was my instrument of choice. In middle school, I spent much of my time with recording technology, studying music, and was also exposed to the Commodore PET in a math class. I also joined the computer club that my math teacher led.

One summer my father borrowed a Commodore VIC-20 from a friend and I started learning BASIC on it. Shortly thereafter, our family acquired a Commodore 64 and I spent a lot of time creating silly programs for it.

Music and software went hand-in-hand, and this continued all the way through college. After graduating with a bachelor of music performance from Morehead State University with an emphasis in commercial and jazz music, I started the business in 1994.

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