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Secure Server Implementation (Cheat Sheet)

Photo of Kevin Moreland Kevin Moreland, Software Engineer
Article published

Why would you want to implement a server from scratch? Sure, you could use Spring, Vaadin, Jetty, or one of a hundred other server frameworks and you'll be up and running much faster. Where's the fun in that?

Implementing your own is an excellent way to learn about the underlying protocols and standards. Resist the urge to use any third party libraries, wrappers, or built-in server classes so there is no "magic" hidden from view. This is by no means an exhaustive list:

Server icon

Bonus points for:

Web site / Content considerations:


You'll make plenty of mistakes — learn from them. You may be rewarded with less bloat/overhead. Visit OWASP to see if you've missed anything. Run some pen test tools against your server and set achieving an A+ rating from SSL Labs as one of your goals:

Sample SSL labs report

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