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Why you should design for the mobile browser first.

Photo of Kevin Moreland Kevin Moreland, Software Engineer
Article published

Everyone carries a mobile phone these days, and most people are addicted to them.

People’s first exposure to your web site is often through a browser on their phone.

It doesn’t matter if you are a business or organization, targeting B2B customers or the public at large; the user should be able to navigate easily.

If your content is valuable enough to the visitor, but the browsing experience on their phone was clunky, they may visit your site later on a desktop — but don’t count on it!

If those reasons aren't enough to sway you yet, did you know that Google gives a ranking boost to sites that are mobile friendly? If you site isn't mobile friendly, Google will also penalize your listing.

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So, how might you go about it?

Closing thoughts

Of course, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Test your site on all the mobile and desktop devices you have in your possession, with different browsers, orientations, resizing windows, etc. Link your site in the Google Search consider and check out the Mobile Usability section once your site has been indexed.

There are also online services that have connected devices which will show you screenshots of your site. In a pinch, you could make a trip to Best Buy to test on a large swath of the latest consumer devices.

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